The Incredible Power of Flowers

Flowers are incredible persuasive and can literally bring peace to a nation. It has been a symbol of peace throughout the ages. When men used to go to war, they would give their loved ones flowers and forget-me-nots. People have forgotten the timely tradition of gifting different flowers for different occasions. They mean different things.

Like bringing calla lilies at a funeral means that you are sorry for the loss of that person. And gifting a red rose to your girlfriend or boyfriend would mean that you love them very much. The perfect time is right now, gift your loved ones the best flowers with Better Gift Flowers – top online flower delivery company

Not only that, back in the day, flowers were also used to reduce pain from a sore throat. People would use calendula for that. But very soon they became a thing of the past. Because nowadays we can just buy syrups to deal with sore throat, cough, etc. But that does not mean these flowers aren’t useful anymore.

Take another example of the amazing usefulness of flowers.

The Squash flower. You can literally eat this flower as a snack. And let me tell you, it is as delicious as beautiful it looks. I bet you didn’t knew that. And that is justifiable because most people don’t even think about flowers in their day to day lives.

But imagine how much you could accomplish, and how happy you would be if you knew exactly which flower to gift to your girlfriend to patch things up with her after a fight?

Imagine how grateful and amused she would be after realizing how much you know about flowers and how deeply you cared about her that you went out, researched and bought the right flower for her.

Want an example that people use everyday?

Take Lavender.

In our hyper-competitive and connected world, we need to wind down and get some much needed rest. That’s what lavender helps you do. It’s scent triggers a calming effect in your brain and tells it to get ready to sleep.

Most people use lavender oil, flowers or incents in their room or keep them besides their bed to help them fall asleep. It has been used as a calming agent for hundreds of years. And we still use it.

That’s the amazing power of flowers.

So the next time someone says that flowers are only useful when you want to make a grand-romantic gesture, let them know that they are wrong. Educate them that flowers are used in so many things that they didn’t even think about. Have a discussion with them about how useful flowers have been for centuries and how people are still using them in their daily lives to improve themselves.

And when you do that, you can go ahead and buy your girlfriend that red rose that you’ve been waiting to gift her. There is no better time that right now, and there is no reason to be shy about showing your love for her.

Because at the end of the day, we all are social animals, and without love, we wouldn’t have reached this point in our history.