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Does Eating Fish Burn Fat Faster?

Following a disciplined diet is a necessity these days. People are motivated to stay fit and maintain a healthy diet now more than ever, which is a great thing. Many of us are ditching our traditional dietary habits that consisted of a lot of meals from fast-food joints and are willing to experiment with healthier alternatives to stay fit and healthy.

One of the most popular trends in the fitness world these days is seafood. People all over the world are recognizing the various benefits of including seafood in our daily diets as a means to get fitter and leaner.

But is fish really the best food source for losing fat? Let’s find out!

Oftentimes, in order to maintain a healthy fat percentage in your body people try to balance the macros in their diet. What are macros? –  Protein, fats and carbohydrates.

It is a commonly known fact that in order to lose fat while still maintaining the muscle mass of your body, is to reduce the amount of fats and carbohydrates while still keeping the protein content high. 

Protein is very important as it helps in muscle growth and in turn promotes fat burn.

To keep the protein content high most people stick to foods like chicken, soy milk, eggs and lean beef. 

But because of the increasing popularity of seafood, more and more people are choosing to eat fish to meet their daily protein requirements. While it is good to have diversity in your diet plan, here’s 5 major health benefits of consuming seafood on a regular basis.

5 Major Health Benefits Of Eating Fish 

1. Rich Source Of Micronutrients

Fish are a rich source of highly essential micronutrients such as, omega 3, protein, B vitamins, selenium and vitamin D, these micronutrients make it the most sought after food source for fitness enthusiasts.

2. Good For Your Body

Just like all sea organisms, fish are stacked with vitamin E and omega-3 because of which regular fish consumption has often been linked to people having healthy eyesight, hair and skin. 

3. Effects On Cardiovascular Health

A renowned study conducted in the year 2004 by The UK Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition who were reviewing the evidence of benefits of seafood suggested that fish consumption on a daily basis lowered the risk of cardiovascular diseases due to the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids in them.

5. Lowered Blood Pressure Levels

A few medical studies suggest that fish consumption can help lower the blood pressure levels. 

6. Decreased Chances Of A Cardiac Arrest

Consuming fish on a daily basis has been known to greatly reduce fat build-up in the arteries which is extremely crucial as it greatly reduces the chances of having a heart attack. 

The evidence was strong enough for the government to warrant a recommendation of at least two portions of fish a week.

Eating Fish For Weight Loss

Now that we know all about the micronutrients present in fish, let’s talk about it’s effect on your weight and discuss the several factors as to how beneficial consuming fish is to weight loss.

1.  High-Quality Protein

Fish is one of the richest sources of proteins. Although, the amount of protein in a single bite of fish is more than most foods, the total amount of protein depends on which fish you are eating. 

Overall, the sheer amount of high quality protein available in all breeds of fish will help you reach your fat loss goals sooner than other sources of protein.

Protein truly compliments your workouts and helps stay full for longer duration hence, preventing you from munching on those sugar-filled snacks all the time. It also helps in quicker recovery of muscles so you are ready to go balls to the wall during your next workout.

2. Healthy Fats

Contrary to popular belief, fats consumed in the right proportion can actually promote burning of your body fat. Fats can really help you lose weight although it depends on the type of fats you consume. 

The fats available in fish, namely Omega-3 fatty acids helps with weight management  and also protects your heart from developing too much cholesterol. On top of that, it is also known to maintain healthy brain function as well.

3.  Extremely Low In Calories

A major challenge fitness enthusiasts face each and every day is maintaining their daily caloric maintenance levels.

Keeping your caloric consumption low while still hitting your daily protein, carbohydrates and fats can prove to be a major challenge for everybody. 

In this case, fish can be the best food source for you as it contains incredibly low amounts of saturated fats which are very harmful to your body. Not only that, it also contains very low amounts of calories while still being filling and also being a rich source of protein.  

4. Helps Maintain A Healthy Metabolism

When it comes to fitness, maintaining a healthy metabolism will help you go a long way. A healthy metabolism is highly effective for burning calories at a faster rate. 

If you are concerned about your metabolism you should keep yourself away from junk foods, deep fried foods and foods filled with sugar. 

Fish is a rich source of iodine which plays a huge role in maintaining proper functioning of the thyroid hormone.

Which Fish Should You Consume? 

While there is a huge variety of fish breeds to consume, some of the healthiest fish to consume  are Salmon, Tuna, Pacific Cod, Trout, Sardines, Mackerel, and even the Desi Hilsa. 

The UK-based National Health Service suggests two portions (140 gm per portion) of fish daily, one of which should definitely be an oily fish, to stay healthy. 

Moreover, it is suggested to consult your nutritionist or dietitian to know the exact amount of fish that you should eat on a day to day basis. Remember, everyone is different. The amount of protein I need to consume everyday might differ greatly from how much you need to consume. And how much of that should come from fish will also vary greatly.

So it is best to consult your dietitian or a nutritionist to make sure you are consuming the appropriate amount of fish and not going overboard with it.