Concerns & Demands

Testimony presented to the Anoka Hennepin District 11 School Board on January 9, 2012

Good evening. We would like to read to you a resolution from the parent group that we represent, the Parents Action League.

Whereas Anoka- Hennepin District 11 has devoted a special section on their website to “GLBT ISSUES, TRAINING AND AWARENESS,” and

Whereas school districts can become legally liable for creating a hostile academic environment, for discrimination, and for violating the First Amendment rights of parents and students and

Whereas Anoka-Hennepin is a public school system and must protect every student regardless of sexual orientation… and not discriminate on the basis of religion… and

Whereas the theme of “school safety” is being used as a pretext to advance a much broader agenda: the legitimization of homosexuality and related conduct to impressionable schoolchildren, and

Whereas the Anoka-Hennepin School Board is considering removing the protective Sexual Orientation Curriculum Policy, an action that will undermine the academic focus of this district and open the door to pro-homosexual and related conduct materials in the school curriculum thereby exposing students to concepts hostile to their religious faith and or moral conviction and

Whereas parents are the primary educators of their children and have the right to control the manner in which their children are reared and educated and

Whereas school officials could be liable for violating parental rights by subjecting a child to homosexual and related conduct indoctrination without proper consent and

Whereas the Supreme Court (in Meyer v. Nebraska) has held that parents’ right to direct the moral upbringing and education of their children is one of the most fundamental of all rights and a failure to abide by parental rights can result in liability for damages, both to the school district and to individual district employees and

Whereas sound pedagogy, which includes critical thinking skills and intellectual exploration, is corrupted when resources from only one side of controversial issues are presented to staff and students and

Whereas studies indicate a significantly greater threat to public health from same-sex than from opposite-sex relationships, especially regarding AIDS and

Whereas students who become involved with outside homosexual organizations face greater threats to their health/longevity/quality of life due to the libertine philosophy of such groups and

Whereas schools may face liability for intentional or negligent instruction of students who rely upon false or misleading information about sexual conduct and are subsequently harmed and

Whereas Superintendent Denny Carlson and Barry Scanlan, District Prevention Coordinator went on a “listening tour”—visiting the nine GSA clubs in the district (January-May 2011) and have not conducted a “listening tour” with students of faith, moral conviction, ex-homosexuals or ex-transgenders and

Whereas the Anoka-Hennepin website states that they have “been working closely withOut4Good, a program of the Minneapolis Public Schools, to provide training on GLBT issues to school counselors, nurses, social workers, school psychologists, prevention specialist, student learning advocates, and a number of secondary assistant principals and principals and

Whereas District 11 has consented to ongoing GLBT Training for staff and

Whereas GLBT information and websites that are embedded with biased, non-factual, and controversial assumptions about the nature and morality of homosexual and gender non-conforming behaviors were added to the district website in spring 2010 and

Whereas District 11 has promoted webinars on pro-homosexual issues related to bullying and suicide and

Whereas District 11 provided GLSEN Safe Space Kits to all counselors, school psychologists, SLAs, prevention specialists, assistant principals, principals, and some classroom teachers and

Whereas District 11 provided the teachers’ union, Education Minnesota GLBT guide Creating Safe Places For All Students to all teachers last spring, 2010

Whereas District 11 has ordered copies of the pro-homosexual video It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living—edited by Dan Savage (a militant, radical homosexual)—for secondary media centers.

Whereas legal liability exists for the tort of negligence if it is proved that homosexual activist organizations were granted access to students under your responsibility and that students subsequently suffered physical or mental harm

Therefore be it resolved that the Parents Action League in Anoka-Hennepin School District #11 demands the following ten actions be taken by our School Board:

  1. A new division within the Student Support Services and a special section on the district 11 website be devoted to “Students of faith, moral conviction, ex-homosexuals and ex-transgenders”
  2. A listening tour by Superintendent Denny Carlson and District Prevention Coordinator Barry Scanlan with students of faith, moral conviction, ex-homosexuals and ex-transgenders
  3. That the District 11 School Board, administration and staff work closely with pro-family and ex-homosexual and ex-transgender organizations to provide ongoing training to school counselors, nurses, social workers, school psychologists, prevention specialists, student learning advocates, and a number of secondary assistant principals and principals
  4. Provide professional development opportunities in which philosophical, pedagogical, and political assumptions of GLBT advocacy are critically examined
  5. Provide webinars/seminars for all staff on overcoming sexual disorders
  6. Provide training on bullying and suicide that protects all students
  7. Provide the history of gay-related immune deficiency (GRID), AIDS, and the medical consequences of homosexual acts.
  8. That all health classes that address homosexuality be required to share up-to-date information from the CDC on sexually transmitted infections and HIV among the group the CDC designates as Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM)
  9. Provide the following pro-family, ex-homosexual, and ex-transgender information and websites to all counselors, school psychologists, SLAs, prevention specialists, assistant principals, principals and classroom teachers:
  10. National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH)
  11. American College of Pediatricians (ACOP)
  12. Facts About Youth
  13. Exodus International
  14. Parents and Friends of Ex-gays and Gays (PFOX)
  15. Mission America
  16. Family Research Council
  17. Courage
  18. JONAH
  19. Provide pro-family, ex-homosexual and ex-transgender videos to secondary media centers