Things You Need To Know About Walk In Showers Without Doors

Whenever we are planning the remodeling of a bathroom, homeowners ask for a walk-in shower without a door. It’s one of the most popular requests out there and understandably so. Because there is no door for the shower, you don’t have to account for the door swing, leaving you with more space. You can use this extra space however you want.

While that might be a wild idea for some people, it does make sense because now you have more space to customize your bathroom to how you want it to be.

If you’re someone who isn’t sold on the idea yet, here’s 2 reasons why you might want to do it in your bathroom:

1.       Easy accessibility

Obviously not having a door provides easy accessibility and mobility for people who feel claustrophobic in a shower that has doors. Not only that, having a door can compromise the mobility of a person because it the doors can become an obstacle.

And if you were thinking about installing glass sliding doors, take into account that they can also run off their glides, posing another problem that you might not want to deal with when you’re just trying to take a shower.

2.       Easy to maintain

Trying to clean a shower door is a task in itself. You have to make sure that every corner and hinge is clean. And don’t even get us start on trying to clean the sliding doors. Good luck cleaning the glides of those glass doors and scrubbing out the dirt that accumulates in there.

A walk-in shower without doors is much easier to wipe down because now you don’t have any doors to deal with in the first place. All you have to do is clean up the shower place and you’re done.

For us, these 2 reasons are a dealbreaker and can change anyone’s mind. But before you pull the trigger on it, we want you to check out these things that you might not know about doorless showers.

1. Doorless walk in showers always have to be custom designed

There is no one design fits all when it comes to doorless showers. These always have to custom designed based on the homeowners requirements and the space available in the bathroom. If you’d like it to be installed in a corner, which most people do, it can replace your bathtub or an existing shower.

And since there will be an opening to the rest of the bathroom due to the aforementioned lack of a door, the floor will need to be designed in a way that it can contain water. This means waterproof tiles that are either floor to ceiling or at least higher than the wall mounted showerhead.

You want to make sure that there’s no water leaking either from the inside or outside of the bathroom, hence the tiles.

2. Proper placement of the showerheads

People love using a handheld shower, which is fine because it actually works well. But you have to take into account that whenever you use a handheld shower, there’s a chance you will be spraying water all over. Which means there will be water directed toward other fixtures and lighting in the bathroom.

You want to avoid that.

Overhead showers are the best at this since they contain the water flow and it can only be directed to a certain direction.

If you prefer to have both that is good as well. But make sure you’re careful about how you’re using the handheld shower.

3. Cleaning walk in showers is a breeze

As we mentioned above, it is super easy to clean doorless walk in showers. Gone were the days when you would have to scrub out the dirt in between the tiles. Now you can install grouts that are stain proof. So all you’d need to do is spray some water on the tiles and you’re done.

When it comes to cleaning the fixtures, you just have to wipe them down with a sponge and you’re good to go.

4. You can choose from different doorless walk in showers

To make sure the water does not puddle on the floor and is easily drained, you want to have a sloped floor. There are many prefabricated showers and shower pans on the market that you can choose from, but in most cases, you will have to get one custom made for your bathroom.

The most important thing to take into consideration when moving forward with this, is to choose the right surface materials. Go for a material like Onyx or something solid like that. That will help the water drain easily and will also provide you with the waterproof capability you need. 

5. You do not need special lighting or ventilation in your walk in shower

Most people think that they’ll require a separate ventilation or lighting for a walk in shower but it’s not true. If your walk-in shower is large enough, you can install the same ventilation as the rest of your bathroom, but in most cases, the absence of a door is more than enough to have proper ventilation.

When it comes to lighting, you can use the same thing you were using before and you should be fine. 

6. Planning where you’ll install the accessories

When it comes to installing the accessories like a shower seat, grab bars, glass walls and wall niches for soaps and shampoos, you can customize it to however you want it to be. You should consider the height of the people that are going to be using the shower and whether or not they have any special needs.

Is it still a good idea to have a doorless shower?

Sure, there are pros and cons for going with a doorless walk-in shower design.

Some of the Cons would be:

Lack of Privacy

If you install a clear glass panel around the shower like most people, there will be less privacy for sure. And if you’re a person like me, that’s an important thing for you.But the water drop will obstruct the view somewhat. If you want, you can go a step further and install a glass with a frosted design.

It gets chilly in there

Yes that is true. Having a shower without doors will result in more airflow in your shower stall and it will make things a bit more chilly compared to a shower enclosure. And if you are someone who doesn’t like being cold, you may want to reconsider whether it is worth it to have doorless shower.

Alternatively, you can also equip your shower floor with a heated floor and that should somewhat mitigate the problem. Of course you will need to get a custom tile quotation for that. But if you’re going for it, you might as well do it the right way.

Your bathroom might just not be big enough

The idea of a doorless shower is that it gives you more space while also making sure that the water doesn’t go where you don’t want it to.

This means you will ideally want to have more space in your bathroom. So if you don’t have enough space, even with a proper shower base and shower heads, a partial wall made of a glass panel, and a drainage that is perfectly designed, you’re still going to experience a little bit of splashing.

At that point, it all depends on how comfortable you are with it. If you’re okay, then you can make it work. If splashing is a dealbreaker for you, you might want to stick with a doored type of shower.


Showers without doors are considered a luxury bathroom feature

It is true. Most homeowners consider that a shower without a door is a luxury feature because it offers a seamless experience throughout the bathroom without anything obstructing the view of it.

This gives them to chance to customize it according to their needs.

You can say that a doorless shower is a universal design and sign of a luxury bathroom.

Not only that, it also translates well when they want to sell their house because a shower without doors increases the overall value of the house.

Doorless showers usually cost less

It’s true. As long as you’re not increasing the size of the shower and the tilework that is involved, you will actually be saving money by going with a doorless shower.

It depends on the design of your bathroom of course, some of them might need to install glass shower walls which still does not cost as much as a door.